David Bowie Paddington #3, 1969 – Vintage Print



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© Alec Byrne

David Bowie in London’s Paddington Green, September, 1969.

“I was expecting him to be some kind of withdrawn, arty guy, but David was warm and easy to be with that day. We were both south London boys and we clicked right away. His star was rising, but he didn’t arrive with an entourage of publicists, makeup artists, and hangers-on the way an artist would today. When we met at the park gates he was on his own.” (From LONDON ROCK: The Unseen Archive of Alec Byrne)

Rare 8×10 vintage silver gelatin RC print of Alec Byrne’s iconic portrait of legendary musician David Bowie. From a late 1969 session in London’s Paddington Green, not long after the release of “Space Oddity” and just before Bowie headed out on tour with Humble Pie as the solo-acoustic opening act. Another photo from the shoot was used in the tour’s souvenir program.

Printed in 1969. Signed by Alec Byrne (reverse), this print is one of very few remaining in the photographer’s personal archive and is available exclusively through the Rock Photography Museum.

During the 60s and 70s, Alec produced 8×10 RC (resin coated) prints of his photographs, usually the day they were shot, for distribution to magazines and newspapers in London and around the world on spec for potential publication.

A collection of these prints survived the “fire-flood-quake” trifecta of disasters that nearly destroyed Alec’s archive and a selection of these artifacts are now available for sale nearly half a century later.

This print is in very good condition for its age, however it does exhibit evidence of heat damage from the 1970 fire that destroyed Alec’s London studio.

Ships on 11×14 mat board in an archival sleeve with a certificate of authenticity.


NOTE: Photographer watermark is for web display purposes only and is not added to the physical print.