John Lennon – Print + Book – LONDON ROCK Signature Edition


© Alec Byrne

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Alec Byrne Print + Book – Signature Edition
John Lennon, NYC, 1972

“I flew over and bought a ticket. I just wanted to be there. It was on my own dime so no photo pass. But I managed to get in with my camera and just walked down to the front. I’d shoot for a bit and then a burly New York cop would come over and say ‘Hey – no pictures! You need a photo pass!’ All right no problem. Up to the back, cross to the other side of the venue down the aisle to the front again but on the opposite side, start shooting. Another, equally burly cop: ‘Hey – you can’t take pictures! You need a photo pass!’ No problem. Up to the back, over, down. Repeat. Sometimes you need to improvise!”

Archival Pigment Print*
Limited Edition of 25
Signed and numbered by Alec Byrne
Certificate of authenticity included

Accompanied by a signed copy of Alec’s acclaimed book
LONDON ROCK: The Unseen Archive

*Silver gelatin print available on request. Inquire


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