The Byrds, London, 1971 – Vintage Print



© Alec Byrne

Ready to ship. Includes 16×20 museum quality 8-ply mat.

The Byrds, London, 1971.

During the 60s and 70s, Alec produced 8×10 RC (resin coated) prints of his photographs, usually the day they were shot, for distribution to magazines and newspapers in London and around the world on spec for potential publication. A collection of these prints survived the “fire-flood-quake” trifecta of disasters that nearly destroyed Alec’s archive and a selection of these artifacts are now available for sale nearly half a century later.

8×10 resin coated vintage print.
Signed (on back) by Alec Byrne.
Ships in a 16×20 acid free mat.

Please note: while the prints from this collection are in good condition, they are nearly 50 years old and do have minor imperfections.

NOTE: Photographer watermark is for web display purposes only and is not added to the physical print.