What is über EDITIONS?

über EDITIONS is a rock photography archive. We sell limited edition prints and other related items.

What are fine art prints?
Fine art prints are silver gelatin prints or digital prints created using high quality printing processes with archival inks on fine art grade, archival papers, in cooperation with or under the direct supervision of the photographer.

What are limited edition prints?
A limited edition print is one of a series with a pre-defined quantity in a given format (size) on a given medium (paper type). Once that quantity has been reached, the image will not be printed again in that format on that medium. Limited edition prints are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity which verifies the circumstances under which the print was produced, where it came from, and the details of the edition it comes from.

Where are your prints made?
Our prints are produced at labs here in Los Angeles, in-house at über, or sometimes by the photographer.

What is an archival pigment print?
An archival pigment print, sometimes called a “giclée,” is produced using archival materials on a high quality inkjet printer. For images that were originally shot on film, the print is produced from high resolution drum scan of the original negative or transparency.

What does “archival” mean?
Archival refers to materials that are manufactured under exacting specifications to ensure the preservation of the print they are used to produce. In the case of paper, we use cotton rag papers that are free of acids that can cause a print to deteriorate over time. Archival inks are UV resistant and will not fade over time under normal conditions.

Are your prints signed?
Our prints are generally signed and numbered by the photographer. In some cases this will be on the front of the print, in others it will be on the back. In some cases a print will have an embossed stamp instead of a signature. This information is contained in the description of the image on our website.

What does the format, or size, of the print refer to?
In most cases, the size listed refers to the paper size. The image will be slightly smaller to accommodate framing and the photographer’s signature. Since photographs don’t have a uniform aspect ratio, it’s difficult to state exactly how large an image will be on a certain paper size. The previews on the website show approximately what the print will look like oan an 11×14 or 16×20 sheet of paper. The smallest margin will be from 1 to 2 inches.

What kind of framing do you use?
We source our frames from numerous suppliers, but in all cases they are black wood frames of museum quality, with cotton rag, archival 2-ply mats and UV resistant plexiglass.

How do you ship?
We ship flat except for sizes larger than 20×24. Framed pieces are shipped wrapped in bubble wrap inside heavy duty cardboard. We use USPS Priority Mail for prints and FedEx Ground.

What is the turnaround time?
Each print is made to order. We try to keep our production window down to 5 days. Shipping takes 3-5 days for U.S. addresses and 6-10 days for addresses outside the U.S.

What happens during the production widow?
During this time the image is printed and must be approved by the lab, über and the photographer. Printing is more of an art than a science, even when using digital technology. If we think we can improve the print, the first one will be archived as an artist proof and we will create a second print. Once it has been approved, it will be signed and numbered, framed if applicable and packaged for shipping.

What is an artist proof?
For any edition, a certain number of prints will be created as part of the approval process that do meet the necessary standards to become part of that edition. In such cases the print is labeled an artist proof or AP.

Can I buy an artist proof?
Generally speaking these prints are not circulated as they do not meet the edition quality standard. However, they can be sought after by collectors and under circumstances we may occasionally sell artist proofs.

Do you take requests?
Commissions are possible. If you like a particular photograph but the size you want is not offered, please contact us and let us know what you’re looking for. We will get back to you promptly.

What is your Return Policy?
We insist that you are 100% satisfied with anything that you purchase from us. If something doesn’t meet your expectations, we will make it right or issue a full refund. Simply contact us within 7 days of receiving your item. If something arrives damaged, please take a photo of it right away and email it to us as soon as possible. Please refer to the Order Number on your Packing Slip to expedite the return process.

How should I contact you?
Please refer to our Contact page for this information and choose the method that is most convenient.