Nina Simone, 1960 – Ctein Collection



© Jim Marshall

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c. 1960

“I was Jim Marshall’s color printer for the last decade of his life, making dye transfer and digital prints for him. Jim was one of the all-time great rock and jazz performer photographers. So many famous photographs. Remember Johnny Cash giving the finger to the camera? Or Jimi Hendrix on his knees setting fire to his guitar? Jim. You can read my obituary for him here.

“Jim was generous to his friends. He told me to make a print for myself of any photograph I printed for him and he’d sign it. Over a decade it added up to quite a portfolio! Since his death I’ve sold off about two-thirds of my holdings. The prints I’m offering are what remain in my collection.

“An important note:

“If you buy a print of a Jim Marshall photograph, you are not buying any intellectual property or usage rights to the image. (Actually, that’s true of any photograph, but Jim’s work gets ripped off a lot, so I’m giving this special mention.) You can do anything you want with the print, but you cannot reproduce, distribute or use the photographic image on it in any way. If you wish to obtain usage rights to a Jim Marshall photograph contact Jim Marshall Photography LLC.

“These prints are all printed on oversize paper with 1” or greater white borders, signed and titled and marked “A/P” on front by Jim Marshall in ink, signed and dated with the printing date on the back in graphite by me. None of these are so-called “vintage” prints– they are all prints made by me for Jim Marshall between mid-2001 and mid-2009.” – Ctein

Extremely rare archival pigment print signed by Jim Marshall.
Image size 12×17 inches.
From the collection of Marshall’s former color printer, Ctein.



NOTE: Photographer watermark is for web display purposes only and is not added to the physical print.

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