Keith Richards, Marquee Sound Check, 1971


© Alec Byrne

The Marquee, Mar. 26, 1971

“But there was definitely something going on with Keith. There was a classic moment during sound check when Jagger was watching Keith, then turned to Mick Taylor, and they both started laughing. While the band was playing one song, Keith had seemingly started another, departed for his own world—somewhere else entirely. Then, after a few moments of this, Keith staggered back against the amplifiers and slumped down onto the stage. It felt like a serious moment to me, but Keith was laughing. Jagger and Wyman just went over and started chatting with him and pulling him round. They picked Keith up and he was helped off stage. I thought that was the last we’d see of him, but after a little break he was back to finish sound check and pulled it together entirely for the show, a total professional.”

from London Rock: The Unseen Archive

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